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Poll of the Year Results... who was good in 2000? Jane counted the returns

Marcia Haydee interview... a legend talks to Kevin Ng

NDT1... the original and first company caught in California by Renee Renouf

Rambert School... Ann on those who may blossom

Ballet Central Student Diary...
David Johnson
says hello and is off on the road.

RB ‘This House will Burn’... triple bill reviewed by Lynette, Bruce (somewhat agitated)

RB ‘Fille’... Ann on Belinda Hatley

Vladislav Bubnov interview... Margaret Lumley talks with ENB's rising star

new James Bond to be filmed at ROH... Darcey is the girl

Richard Alston... Bruce on good mannered dance

Mark Baldwin... this may have been good mannered

Cathy Marston... slightly cross-eyed

BRB Mixed Bill... Stephanie explosive with applause (kind of)

San Francisco Program 2... Robbins and Forsythe spied by the Renouf

San Francisco ‘Sleeping Beauty’... Terry posted

Paris ‘Manon’... Jim's 'Man of the Match' is Fanny Gaida. also Catherine

Government Ban on Animals in Dance... dance fans need to rally togther and stop this madness

Moscow City Ballet ‘SWan Lake’... Alison's thoughts

Ballet San Jose... Renee is charmed by a ‘Gaite Parisienne’ bill

‘Giselle’ in Verona... Susy posted on some Arena Ballat

Adam Coopers ‘Six Faces’... for K Ballet in Japan - Satoko posted

Mar Reviews, reviews

Interviews... in March

News links... in March

Views links... in March

Past issues, Screensaver

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What professional site would be complete without a screensaver! Courtesy of Louis we bring you the screensaver and its absolutely free.

You need to be running Windows 95 and we can deliver it in 2 ways depending on if you have the capability to handle zip files (or not). Zip files are smaller and hence load much quicker, but you need special software to decode them. If you are not sure best to use the larger exe file.

Once its on your machine, double click on install.exe, it will tell you the screensaver is installed, then go into the control panel, double click on display and follow your nose to the screensaver section where you should find our ballet one listed. Here are the links to get the screensaver; screensaver as an zip file (1132Kb) screensaver as an exe file (2293kb)

These are not small files and might take more than a few minutes to load. The screensaver has been produced using professional software and as such should work on all (Windows95) machines. We can't however offer guarantees (though we would be gob-smacked if there are any probs). Enjoy!

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