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Welcome to, the site about all things ballet and dance in the world & the UK in great depth. So just what kind of information will you find on

Each day we collect dance and ballet review/news links from all around the world and many people, from dance professionals to interested dance goers, start their day with us on the TodaysLinks page.

The Magazine section is updated each month and contains a mix of the latest reviews, interviews, and views together with pieces on ballet history and regular weblogs by choreographers, dancers and dance students. Visit our Magazine past issues page to see what we've been covering since we started the magazine in October 1997. It's all on-line and all free!

If you want to know what is happening *today* in dance and ballet, you need our Forum pages. Great for exchanging ideas, views and questions with others; terrific for getting immediate feedback on performances etc.

In the Links section we collect together a lot of information of interest to ballet fans: ballet companies, dancers, thousands of Reviews and for the future how to get involved with dance courses and classes. We even have a list of links to other ballet sites!

The deepest and darkest level of is the Contexts section; here you will find the background resources that can broaden your knowledge and understanding of ballet. We cover choreographers, ballets and the history / legends that have made ballet such an important form of dance.

Finally you might be interested in the about us page, which also covers browsers and copyright stuff.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the site and if you feel you can contribute please do contact us.

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