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About the Change


In reverse alphabetical order (for a change) the people involved in are;

Jane Simpson
Contributing Editor, writer of Legends and other background stuff. email

Louis Servedio-Morales
Graphics man extrordinair. Hopefully will have his own site soon. email

Hiromi Matsumuto
Helps cover the Japaneese angle on British ballet. email

Bruce Marriott
Boss and man who got it going and generally makes everything happen. email

Josephine Jewkes
Rambert Dancer and former English National Ballet Principal, Jo Jewkes does our monthly column.

Lynette Halewood
Reviewer in Chief (pure and simple!). email

Jennifer Delaney
Reviewer, Contributing Editor and dabler in html. (...and last but by no means least!) email

Other contributors
Lots of other people have contributed thoughts, encouragement or words to including Michelle (from Japan), Caz!, Richard Davis, Jim Fowler, Margaret Lumley, Patricia Meja, Eugene Merrett, Alison Penfold & Shirley Wilson.

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