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Subject: "Jackson Report: The Competition Results" Archived thread - Read only
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28-06-02, 06:10 PM (GMT)
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"Jackson Report: The Competition Results"
   LAST EDITED ON 02-07-02 AT 09:36 AM (GMT)

More on Jackson

Awards from the VII USA International Ballet Competition

I am listing the VII USA International Ballet Competition Awards as
given at 10:00 a.m. Central Time:

Best Senior Couple

Eve Andra and Sergei Upkin, Estonia
© Richard Finkelstein

Pointe Magazine Choreography Award
Wang Yuanyuan, China

Robert Joffrey Award of Merit
Emi Hariyama

Jury Awards
Meliisa Hough and Ashley Canterna, U.S.A.

World Com Scholarship
Zhang Jing, China.

Dance Magazine Scholarship

Eun Ji Ha, South Korea
© Richard Finkelstein

Heinz-Bosl-Ballet Foundation Scholarships
Keigo Fukuda, Japan; Michelle Carpenter, U.S.A.

Jury Award of Encouragement
Female: Agnieszka Szymanska, Poland
Male: Troy Schumacher, U.S.A. {ceded from the second round; a most unusual inclusion}

The Medallists...

Junior Division, Male, Bronze

Yudai Fukuoka, Japan (in picture); Jiao Yang, China
© Richard Finkelstein

Junior Division, Female, Bronze
Sang Yi Han, South Korea

Junior Division, Male, Silver
Danny Tidwell, U.S.A.

Junior Division, Female, Silver

Sarah Kathryn Lane, U.S.A.
© Richard Finkelstein

Junior Division, Male, Gold
Joseph Phillips, U.S.A.

No Junior gold for the women.

Senior Division, Male, Bronze

Mikhail Ilyn, Russia
© Richard Finkelstein

Senior Division, Female, Bronze
Katia Carranza, Mexico
(in above photo)

Senior Division, Male, Silver;
Li Jun, China

Senior Division, Female, Silver

Sarah Lamb, U.S.A.
© Richard Finkelstein

No Gold Medal for Senior Men.

Senior Division, Female, Gold

Wu Haiyan, China. (dancing with Li Jun)
© Richard Finkelstein

In addition, Ballet Hawaii has awarded a special guest appearance
of Junior medalists, Sarah Kathryn Lane and Joseph Phillips, U.S.A.

This piece is part of Ballet.co's overall Jackson Competition coverage. The competition runs from the 15th to the 30th June 2002 and we plan daily reports to keep you in touch:
Jackson Reports index page

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