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Subject: "DV8 / Can we afford this" Archived thread - Read only
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Lynette H

29-09-00, 02:00 PM (GMT)
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"DV8 / Can we afford this"
   It was interesting to see a performance of DV8's latest so soon after seeing the Bejart company. Bejart's dancers are so sleek and so perfect - all those guys tossing their glossy hair about like a hairspray advert - and the dancers in the DV8 work are so different. It's all about perfection and what we expect of one another: there are 17 dancers and they are not what you expect 'dancers' to look like. They include a grey haired lady, one very generously proprtioned bloke (who mainly communicates in delicate hand signals) and David Toole (of CandoCo) who has no legs, but a powerful stage presence.

It's all a very eclectic mix - lots of short episodes, lots of talking, some nudity, balloons, and a discussion of how much each movement costs (graceful arm movements extra). Some items seemed much more successful than others. There are some beautiful dance movements mixed in it all. (Kate Coyne is fascinating to watch,and all the dancers have something about them, some quality that catches the imagination. None of them are anonymous).

I don't think the evening quite held together coherently, but it was still one of the most interesting new works I've seen this year.

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