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Subject: "NBT Carmen" Archived thread - Read only
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28-06-99, 09:23 AM (GMT)
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"NBT Carmen"
   On Saturday I went to see NBT's "Carmen" in Edinburgh. I can only say that it was one of the most disappointing dance events I have been to in the recent past. The choreogaphy was dull and uninteresting, the rock star motif was inappropriate (surely the idea of a bull fighter is one of a man who loves physical danger - hardly the life of a rock star!) and the night we went, Carmen behaved like a spoilt 16 year old brat who needed to be taught a lesson. And could someone explain to me the point of the video at the start of the second act?

I have enjoyed NBT in the past, but this time they failed to live up to expectations.

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  RE: NBT Carmen Carly Gillies 30-06-99 1

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Carly Gillies

30-06-99, 12:08 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: NBT Carmen"
In response to message #0
   We saw this last Wednesday and really enjoyed it. More so than NBTs Dracula the week before.
Not that we didn't enjoy Dracula, but I thought the story was a bit over complicated and none of the characters( except Dracula himself )either particularly compelling or memorable.
Re Carmen: I agree that in this production Carmen is more Teenage Tart than Femme Fatale, but Larissa Wright was an admirable tart.
There is another brilliant set by the Ubiquitous Lez, and I loved Didi Veldmans lovely sensuous 'whole body' choreography. I imagine it must be great to dance.
I thought the mixture of film and taped music along with live action and sound was interesting and worked particularly well at the climax to the whole thing when the live orchestra play over taped electronic music.
The only weakness was the part of Escamillo which could have been developed more and who seemed too much a caricature ( why the Rod Stewart hair do ? ) to be at all sexy. And lets face it - Denis Malinkine in leather really should be sexy !

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