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Subject: "ENB at the NFT, 13/8/00" Archived thread - Read only
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14-08-00, 05:45 PM (GMT)
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"ENB at the NFT, 13/8/00"
   A brief report, while waiting for tonight's programme, on last nights ENB 50th anniversary film season. A very fascinating evening: Two excerpts from different performances of Graduation Ball, part of Swansong (although I'd happily have dispensed with part of G. Ball to have the whole of it, with the outstanding original cast - and a fair amount of Matz Skoog to keep me happy ), Villela and Verdy in Tchaikovsky pas de deux - a stunning performance from 1962, despite some rather restrictive camera-work. A selection from Etudes starring, believe it or not, Toni Lander, Erik Bruhn, Flemming Flindt, Henning Kronstam and, further down the list, Sorella Englund and Eva Evdokimova (what a cast!); a documentary on Oaks and Edur.

Tonight's performance (which starts in less than half an hour, so unless you're reading this immediately it'll be too late!) contains Giselle Act 1, extracts from Swan Lake, Coppelia and Le Corsaire pdd and Nutcracker Act 1, from various decades. It will be introduced by Angela Rippon, the new Chairman/woman or whatever you insist on calling it, and will have dancers from Festival Ballet/ENB present.

Tomorrow's includes the Sanguine Fan, Dying Swan, La Sylphide Act 1, among others, and starts at 6.20 in NFT 2. Worth looking at if you're not too busy with the Kirov/NYCB etc.

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  RE: ENB at the NFT, 13/8/00 Stephanie Wragg 15-08-00 1

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Stephanie Wragg

15-08-00, 08:59 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: ENB at the NFT, 13/8/00"
In response to message #0
   Wow, what a evening of glorious dancing!!!! Any chance NFT could send this stuff out to the provinces for those of us unable to commute to the great metropolis???

How was last night's viewing, any gems? I would have loved to seen Etudes with the cast you described.

Just envious.

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