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Subject: "Fokine quadruple bill" Archived thread - Read only
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06-08-00, 04:56 PM (GMT)
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"Fokine quadruple bill"
   Well, I hope that the Queen and her mum and her sister took hankies with them on Friday to stuff in their mouths during the Polovtsian Dances. Frankly my ballet teacher's version of 1973 was better choreographed (and I think we were probably better in time with each other and the music as well). What did everyone else think? I had to bite my cheeks to stop myself laughing out loud when the men started bunnyhopping along the stage - and as for that dancing girl - she looked like she'd learnt her artistry in a dodgy Soho dive in the seventies! The band were having a whale of a time, though, and playing at a hell of a lick - I think the rapturous applause was for the orchestra not the dancers!

I enjoyed Petrushka greatly - the sets (in fact all the sets) and costumes were fantastic and the whole thing was just so evocative.

Spectre de la Rose I found disappointing - Andrian Fadeyev has put on some weight in the last 2 1/2 years and the choreography wasn't as exciting as I'd remembered from the Fonteyn TV prog all those years ago. Janna Ayupova was lovely, though, and would be a welcome guest artist with the RB. Opening from the orchestra here was marvellous.

Scheherezade was fun - Faroukh messed up the end of his fouettes but other than that I thought he was in great shape and his curtain call was a riot.

All in all, hardly an afternoon of high art, but tremendous entertainment.

BTW are there really only one set of non-disabled loos in the whole house? I used the disabled facilities I'm afraid.... it was really weird to walk in and see the house all shiny and clean and new! And no patch on the curtains! Appalling attitude when we arrived - we'd booked lunch in the amphi. restaurant (excellent) and were about to ask where to go when one of the staff asked to see our tickets. As I was fumbling in my handbag Sarah asked where the restaurant was and was told "I need to see your tickets". Sarah said icily "Perhaps you could tell us where the restaurant is in the meanwhile?" "I'll do that AFTER I've seen your tickets". HUH! Still, we had fun. Shame to see that the liveried flunkies are no more, though - someone in an Abbey National uniform with their ID pass clipped to their skirt just doesn't have the same cachet when delivering the bouquets!

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