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Subject: "Observer: Twyla Tharp and RB director job" Archived thread - Read only
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Bruce Madmin

27-06-99, 04:53 PM (GMT)
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"Observer: Twyla Tharp and RB director job"
   LAST EDITED ON 27-Jun-99 AT 05:05 PM (GMT)

In todays Observer Jann Parry interviews Twyla Tharp about the RB Artistic Director job. Unfortunately it does not seem to be available electronically. So...

Basically she is interested if they are. However being American, and therefore a bit more switched on in a personal sales, marketing and business sense, she actually lays out her stall rather well. Whether it's a stall that people want is a different question, but at least you know something of what it would mean if she were to get the job.

These 2 paras seem to cover things best I think:

"If she ruled the Royal Ballet, she'd identify the 15 heritage works that need to be seen over the next five years. 'I'd ensure they were mounted as close to the original intentions as possible, with painstaking coaching. There's no need for novelty productions.'

Her ideal company would contain the best curated accounts of important works, by Petipa and Balanchine, Wigman and Graham. Ashton and MacMillan, as well as new works by Tharp (among others). Could one company really accommodate this range? 'It would be a huge undertaking. It would require more planning then companies are used to. Hysteria, always generates energy in the theatre, so you'd need a different source of drive, a cool, thinking hysteria."

And she also notes earlier on that it is 'critical' that the RB retains the 'restraint and elegance that makes the Ashton rep possible.'

All-in-all an interesting pitch. It talks up the aspiration of a world company with a world rep, while saying the old pieces will be especially cherished. I think its currently light in the area of access and making the work of RB relevant to everybody in the country. But its a reasonable first example of what other who want the post need to do - understand as much as they can about the situation and who wants what and then think about the strategy in detail. Finally have the guts to tell the world and seize the high ground!

Forgot to say that the piece also mentions Ballet.co and the AD poll we did - I have a separate posting on this in the About us forum:


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