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Subject: "Revie/Acosta Manon 20/7/00 matinee" Archived thread - Read only
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21-07-00, 02:47 PM (GMT)
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"Revie/Acosta Manon 20/7/00 matinee"
   After a lacklustre and tentative start from the company as a whole it turned out to be an enjoyable afternoon (partly due to Acosta who to me was a revelation in this role). Alvarez whom I had never seen seemed subdued and not engaged in his role. I understand he is meant to be good in this role. I was not surprised when after the first interval he was replaced by Cervera due to injury. I am sure this was troubling him from the start.
I was intrigued to see what Revie made of Manon. First let me say that for a debut performance she coped admirably. She dances well is an excellent actress but to me is not a natural Manon - Anastasia yes but Manon no. While she had no major problems in performing the steps her general demeanour did not seem to suit the character nor did her movement have the flexibility or fluidity that is so necessary for Manon. Having said that, I did think that both Acosta and Revie danced the very first pas de deux beautifully. What brought the production to life was Acosta's first solo as Des Grieux. He brought a touching sincerity to the role which was deeply moving. His dancing was superb, his line perfect and the fiendishly difficult steps in this solo were flawlessly executed. I was amazed throughout at the sincerity of his acting and how well he adapted to the choreography for this role.
They both coped well on a technical level with the difficult pas de deux in particular Manon's death. I felt that Revie did not always communicate the spontaneous passion from within. Acosta did communicate his passion throughout both through his dancing and acting. I felt strangely unmoved by Revie's appearance in the final act as she did not convey the tragedy and pathos of the situation in spite of coping well technically with the final pas de deux. (Normally she is very good as a tragic figure).
Vanessa Palmer and Cervera were good. (particularly as he came on cold after the first interval). Overall an interesting afternoon. Perhaps after some first performance nerves and stiffness Revie will warm more to the role on an emotional level.

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  RE: Revie/Acosta Manon 20/7/00 matinee Kate R 21-07-00 1
     RE: Revie/Acosta Manon 20/7/00 matinee Ann Williams 21-07-00 2
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Kate R

21-07-00, 03:29 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Revie/Acosta Manon 20/7/00 matinee"
In response to message #0
   I was there yesterday afternoon, and agree with some of what you say. Acosta's dancing and partnering was faultless, but his interpretaion did nothing for me.

I would make one pervasive comment about Gillie Revie's interpretaion and that is that she is not sympathetic. Although Manon is a money grabbing little upstart you should feel something for her. Yesterday she got all that she deserved.

Although I did not like the start of the third act, I thought she was transformed in the second scene and the death pdd was quite excelent.

Vanessa Palmer deserves a pat on the back too. A lovely soft dancer who put a stamp on her character immediately.

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Ann Williams

21-07-00, 04:40 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Revie/Acosta Manon 20/7/00 matinee"
In response to message #1

I was there too. I agree that Revie's performance was, overall, disappointing. She seemed to be dancing by numbers, i.e. 'this is when I have to look sad', 'now I've got to look joyful' etc. It was a dutiful performance. I really don't think, on the basis of this, that Revie is ever going to be a star (but I'd be delighted to be proved wrong!). I'm glad that both the previous posters were as thrilled as I was with Acosta - I simply could not fault his performance and I'm dying to see him in a wide range of roles; I think he can probably handle anything.

I had never seen Alvarez either, and don't know anything about him. But I don't agree with the first poster - I thought he was hugely impressive in his brief appearance and was very disappointed that he couldn't continue. I thought both his dancing and his personality had a silky quality that matched Lescaut's character exactly. Plus he's rather goodlooking (not that I take the slighest notice of these things). Cevera took over brilliantly, though, so no complaints. Vanessa Palmer made a deliciously comic mistress, and actually danced beautifully too. I hope we'll be seeing lots more of her.

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25-07-00, 01:31 PM (GMT)
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3. "RE: Revie/Acosta Manon 20/7/00 matinee"
In response to message #2
   I saw Cervera as Lescaut on the Friday night and, having raised an eyebrow when I first saw the casting, was very impressed by his portrayal. My only quibble was the drunk pas de deux in the second act, which was rather underdone, but it's a very tricky thing to bring off properly without either under- or overdoing it as a few artists who shall remain nameless have been known to do!

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