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Subject: "Deborah Colker company in "Mix" at the Barbican" Archived thread - Read only
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20-07-00, 01:58 PM (GMT)
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"Deborah Colker company in "Mix" at the Barbican"
   Just a few thoughts on this:

I hadn't seen Colker's company before, but they're very athletic dancers, more like the rather varied build of Mark Morris' dancers (and some of the costumes leave very little to the imagination) than of ballet dancers, and very strong, as the work shows. The performance is in 4 main sections: first a very athletic and robotic section with lots of attitude to a rhythmic soundtrack, followed by the section I liked most, to a patchwork of popular songs (you could almost play "Beat the Intro" if some of them actually lasted long enough), representing numerous relationships between men and women, some positive and some negative. The choreography in this section was very inventive, in particular some of the lifts (although some looked as though they were more suited to a skating rink), some of which involved the women lifting the men.

After the interval, there was another section similar to the first one, but with more balletic-type movements, which gave me a distinct feeling of déjà vu, but the final section was the real audience-pleaser. A climbing wall at the back of the stage, across and up which the dancers walked, hopped, clambered, jumped and swung with such daring and ease, like human flies, that I found myself having to check to reassure myself that it wasn't *me* who was on the vertical wall, watching *them* on the ground. An absolutely stunning finale.

Performances continue until Saturday. A word of warning: you might want to take some cottton wool to reduce the sound levels - I came out of the theatre temporarily deafened, and I wasn't sitting anywhere near the amplifiers.

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