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Subject: "Jenny Page wants the ROH job" Archived thread - Read only
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26-06-00, 06:12 PM (GMT)
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"Jenny Page wants the ROH job"
   According to the newspapers Jenny Page wants the ROH job. Ms Page was the former head of the Dome answerable to Bob Ayling. The trustees must be nuts to give her the job given the Dome disaster. Of course the trustees could give the job to Bob Ayling , Ms Page's former boss at the Dome. As he has got the boot from BA I am sure he is available.

I am sure Bob Ayling would do wonders for the ROH
a)a new ethnic logo as oppose to the snooty current one,
b)the subcontracting of the corp de ballet and the orchestra and all support services so we get a "virtual opera house"
c)the refocusing of resourse in favour the the high paying patrons in the stall at the expense of the low yield patrons in the amphitheatre! This would mean the reduction in size of the theatre by closing the amphitheatre but keeping all the high price seats in the Stalls and Grand Tier. This would be announce in a grand press conference thus ensuring a PR triumph for elitisim.

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  RE: Jenny Page wants the ROH job timpow 26-06-00 1

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26-06-00, 10:30 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Jenny Page wants the ROH job"
In response to message #0
There are occasions when your posting provoke in me a high degree annoyance although there are many more with which I wholeheartedly agree. Let me say that your current posting has the most vigorous support I can muster.
The present Opera House Chairman, if I am not mistaken, ran a software house in an earlier existence yet ironically headed a reopening spell which was disastrously blighted by software problems. He has no background in opera or ballet and shows no evidence of interest in them. We need a Chairman and Board with an interest in the future of the Opera House ahead of themselves and who are in touch with the real world and people and who understand what the House is about.
The revamped Opera House is good in many ways we need to go forward and take full advantage not be dragged backed by elitism and political ambition.
Tim Powell

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