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Subject: "Don Quixote in Munich" Archived thread - Read only
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Vera Uhrle

24-06-00, 03:51 PM (GMT)
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"Don Quixote in Munich"
   On Thursday evening we saw the revival of Ray Barra's production of Don Q., which has been absent from the repertoire for more than 3 years. This run shows 6 performances, after which the ballet is put back on the shelf. The production is mostly traditional. Barra created an additional figure, Dulcinea, as a vision to the Don, giving those two a couple of small pas de deux. Scenery and costumes are quite simple. easy to move, very good for touring. The colours are bright in the first act, pastel in the last.
The performance was well received by the public, although the corps de ballet could have been in better shape and their scenes should have been rehearsed better. But that is something one has to get accustomed to since Mr. Liska became director of the company.
The toreador was danced by Kirill Melnikov with great panache. Unfortunately Mr. Liska chose not to cast him as Basil, a role that he excelled in during the last run of the ballet. His friend Mercedes was brought to life by Judith Turos. Basil was danced by Carlos Acosta, who leaped and turned as I've rarely seen before. Unfortunately his acting couldn't match his dancing. Elena Pankova was Kitri from the first moment she set a foot on the stage. Her acting was marvellous, her dancing very precise and she seemed very relaxed on stage. I've never seen her like that before. She'll have one more performance of Don Q., her last performance as a resident principal with the Bavarian State Ballet. From the next season she has the status of guest dancer.
That's a great loss to company and public alike.

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  RE: Don Quixote in Munich Sonja Grether 27-06-00 1

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Sonja Grether

27-06-00, 08:12 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Don Quixote in Munich"
In response to message #0
   Happy as I was to read something about a ballet in Munich, I would like to add my point of view. Thanks for giving an idea of the production to those cannot see it - in this part I fully agree. However, I don't agree with some comments about the cast - following my point of view, just to show everyone will probably make up his/her own mind!

I think Carlos Acosta was a very good Basil - young, charming and showing the technical tricks everyone is looking for in this ballet. Elena Pankova matched him technically, plus she was light as a feather and charming - something I missed in their second performance on Saturday where she seemed not really "on" stage to me until the interval - although it was technically sparkling.

Two dancers who are not known outside of Munich I would like to mention: Natalja Trokaj was a very good Dulcinea, and Patrick Teschner was a very funny Sancho Pansa who has become better with every performance.

That's all for now - cheers from Munich!


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