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Subject: "Fokine - some thoughts" Archived thread - Read only
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15-06-00, 01:14 PM (GMT)
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"Fokine - some thoughts"
   Petrushka - best "new" ballet so for this year for me. Great music, great design and choreography make this one the best examples of "total art work" around. This truly ballet at its absolute zenith!!!! Pretty good dancing as well.

Scherezade - I have a love hate relationship with this ballet. Choreography is dazzling and inventive and has a thrilling climax. And of course the beautiful music!!!! But I really really HATE the gratuitously cruel emding. Worse then any film or video game I know (I love DOOM type games so I am no prude). Also a bit of the tale wagging the dog. Some the music is not quite right. I enjoy this ballet but I close my eyes at the final scenes. Lopokina is great but I perferred Makhalina!

Les Sylphide was the weakest ballet. The tempos were to slow and it made the dancing turgid. Also very umimaginative lighting for this very atmospheric ballet. As it the first ballet of the evening I think I shall miss it when I attend the next perfromance of this triple bill.

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  RE: Fokine - some thoughts Helen 16-06-00 1

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16-06-00, 11:30 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Fokine - some thoughts"
In response to message #0
   I saw the Fokine bill on Wednesday, from the infamous row B of the stalls. True, anything going on downstage right was invisible to me, but it was rather enthralling to be so close, all the same.
I actually enjoyed Chopiniana, (Les Sylphides). The dancers looked like sylphs even from so near, not a sign of strain or sweat, and were exceptionally light. Only one made any sound at all(can't remember which). I've never before seen a performance of this where the soloists smiled! Korsuntsev as the Young Man danced the steps quite well, but that was it, exactly as when I saw him as Siegfried in St Petersburg.

From smiling sylphs to a version of Petrushka with more comedy than I'm used to. I agree that this is a superb ballet, so long as one sees it in the context of its time; such wonderful music and designs, and all those different characters at the fair, each one an individual. (Did anyone notice the adorable little girl in a pink coat and bonnet trimmed with white fur?) Zhelonkina was a sweet ballerina, and Samadurov as Petrushka was puppet-like but not as tragic as I expected. The most tragic thing in this ballet was the dancing bear.

Scheherazade - well, it must have looked very exotic, even shocking, in 1910 (no telly then!) - but it looks a bit silly now. Again, you have to see it in context. I was glad to see Lopatkina, but would have preferred to see her in something classical. She and Ruzimatov were splendid, and the music superb with the violin solo ravishingly played. But oh, to have seen Nijinsky in this...

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