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Subject: "BRB - what is happening to them?" Archived thread - Read only
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gerald dowler

08-06-00, 12:37 PM (GMT)
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"BRB - what is happening to them?"
   It would begreat to read other people's observations on this, but I have had this growing feeling that BRB have now thrown away what they had under Peter Wright in terms of repertoire and 'atmosphere' and repolaced it with yet another euro-ballet style. A company dominated by its director's choreography, a real smorgasbord of styles amongst its pricipals and a distinct dilution of style in the corps have led to evening after evening of disappointment, with dreary choreography and underpowered performances. The Ashton programme in Birmingham (shame that we didn't have any of that in London; as many have remarked, it may have avoided the worst box office at the Garden for many, many years) was most welcome, but in many cases under-danced and lacking understanding of the style. The girls, apparently, hated Scenes de Ballet - something must have gone seriously wrong there. I shan't dwell on individuals but suffice it to say that most principals are interchangeable for all they bring to their performances in terms of individuality. Only a few remain who can convey anything.
The repertoire is dispiriting for a variety of reasons - how many of us remember with fondness those wonderful mixed bills that Wright gave us season after season ?
There is enough 'euro' ballet about and it is a great shame that BRB has now become yet another of theseincreasingly faceless companies.
I now fully expect a serious haranguing from certain quarters - let the sport commence !

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  RE: BRB - what is happening to them? alison 12-06-00 1
     RE: BRB - what is happening to them? p.s.stammers 12-06-00 2
         RE: BRB - what is happening to them? Fuzzyface 15-06-00 3

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12-06-00, 01:08 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: BRB - what is happening to them?"
In response to message #0
   Well, I have to admit that over the last 10 days I've noted how much more at home BRB looked in the jazz bill and Arthur, which used a far less classical style, and wonder if this is indicative of the direction in which the company's technique is going. Perhaps, say, they could do one classical ballet or something a year to ensure that they don't lose that side of their heritage and technique?

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12-06-00, 02:48 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: BRB - what is happening to them?"
In response to message #1
   I wonder how much losing their home theatre is affecting them? It certainly affected the RB from what I have read.

The early part of 2000 was a real mix as they had to return to Birmingham in April, instead of coming back to us after London as originally planned. They had to spend time on the road learning new pieces rather than consoloidating what they were doing. With a chance to learn in the studios.

Learning on diferent stages each week for a strange stage can not be the easist option.

I do not think it fair to judge that they have changed style on one new ballet, which has been unfairly panned, because it requires the audiance to think or remember more that usual. Arthur should be given a chance, it may not work, but most choreographers have several ballets which are not regularly aired.

Giselle is a classic which did not work as well as it might, but as they keep presenting it on very different sized stages, they keep finding different problems.

At the moment London seems to have an excess of Ballet so people can pick and chose, in the real world we have one company and have to wait a long time between, so my view is role on October so that I can see some more ballet.

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15-06-00, 01:17 PM (GMT)
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3. "RE: BRB - what is happening to them?"
In response to message #2
   Surely, as they are primarily a touring company, BRB should be used to learning new ballets "on the road". They certainly did years ago. I agree with Gerald that their standards in the recent Ashton season were not high. The corps in "Pigeons" & "Scenes de Ballet" were very scrappy. However, contrary the general opinion, I thought the corps in "Giselle" were very good (better than the RB's last summer). Maybe Covent Garden is just too big a theatre for them to fill. I seem to remember a virtually audience free matinee of "Hobson's Choice" several years ago. I much prefer to see them at Sadler's Wells.

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