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Subject: "Results of the Stretton Mini-poll" Archived thread - Read only
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Bruce Madmin

16-05-00, 08:55 PM (GMT)
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"Results of the Stretton Mini-poll"

Catching up here - this went out on the 27th March. As ever do feel free to respond with your own thoughts on the results.

Balletco Poll

What is the first thing that Ross Stretton should concentrate on when he takes over at the Royal Ballet?

Re-assert 'Englishness': 23.2%

Raise standards: 22.0%

Develop home-grown talent: 19.5%

Do more contemporary choreography: 9.8%

Bring back heritage works: 7.3%

Do more televised broadcasts: 6.1%

Earn trust: 6.1%

Tour in UK: 6.1%

Make own productions: 0.0%

Invite interesting guests: 0.0%

by CgiScripts.Net

Poll: What is the first thing that Ross Stretton should concentrate on when he takes over at the Royal Ballet?

27 March 2000

The obvious question is what on earth is Englishness?!

That and the third most popular answer - 'Develop home-grown talent' - really smack of a wish to be unique in the world, loved for our differences and perhaps not so much of the global multi-national approach. There is a tension here of course because RB has always brought in a number of works from elsewhere and I suspect few who voted wish to see the company be totally insular and English/UK only in all things.

To back all this up it's interesting that 'Invite interesting guests' got not one vote.

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