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Subject: "ENB Alice in Wonderland-Important review" Archived thread - Read only
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Little Katherine

12-03-00, 04:07 PM (GMT)
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"ENB Alice in Wonderland-Important review"
   I saw the show on Friday. As the target audience I thought that the best bits were the race with the animals. I loved the mouse and the way it shivered. I also liked the sad turtle and the four dancing lobsters.But the highlight of the show is Christopher Hampson doing the Caterpillar.He slithers around the floor and arrives on a mushroom.I am not sure whether they left the smoking bit out this time.

Chiara Ferri was good as Alice like me she is only small and played a little girl well.

My mummy said that Daria Klimentova danced the dream pas de deux very well,(but then again she dances everything very well) but it just went on for too long.Probably just put in to keep those who know something about ballet happy.

Love from Katherine (now 8 and a half)

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