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Subject: "Rambert Choreographic Workshop - 29/2/00" Archived thread - Read only
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Bruce Madmin

01-03-00, 03:34 PM (GMT)
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"Rambert Choreographic Workshop - 29/2/00"
I got to see this at the Lilian Baylis Theatre (Sadler's Wells) last night - it plays through until Thursday. The subtitle is "New and recent works created and performed by members of the company". For 5 its a good deal. Stuart posted up some details elsewhere, here is the link:


No time to review all 9 pieces other than to say they varied from the incredibly weird - one piece featuring hunks of bread being deposited literally all around the stage, to works rather more mainstream and with music stretching all the way from classical to electronic drum music. I'm always in two minds about very avant garde work - after all if you can't experiment when you are young when can you? On the other hand it can be desperately pretentious and you all might wish you were elsewhere. But that's the nature of these events and within a few minutes there is a brand new piece on stage to get to grips with.

Rafael Bonachela unusually has 2 pieces in the evening and also had his 'Three Gone, Four left Standing' appear in the main Rambert repertoire - but I'm afraid the mixture of poems (from other company member, Elizabeth Old), the luxury of live music from a small orchestra and choreography just didn't stir a glimmer in me ('Because').

I much preferred Didy Veldman's solo - 'B' - there was more invention here and within the confines of one body literally tied and constrained by costume. 'Twin Suite 2' by Glenn Wilkinson also had some inspiring moments especially once it got into its stride and I particularly liked his work for the couples - fast, fluid but not predictable. But the piece I enjoyed most was 'Morning Light' by Laurent Cavanna to a soft if intense soundscape by Jessica Bailif. Hope Muir and Rachel Poirier danced and mirrored with loose perfection what was a free-flowing, classy and professional piece that finished all too soon.

But your picks I'm sure would be entirely different - so give it a whirl and go.

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