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Subject: "A comment on the latest poll" Archived thread - Read only
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21-02-00, 03:31 PM (GMT)
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"A comment on the latest poll"
   The critics I trust the most are the ones on this site!! The trouble with newspaper critics is that they do not have the space to do an in-depth review.

To me it is more important that people say why they do not like it. Because it is may show up things that the critic might not like but you might like. Eg a critic might dislike Gulliem's performance of Cinderella because he/she felt she was to strong minded and haughty to be convincing as the down trodden heroine. But other people might like that interpretation! So they might go to see her perform becasue of the bad review.

The advantage of this site is that people have the space to give a complete review. I think this far useful then what the newspaper can do.

It is because of the less then flattering reviews of Arthur 1 that I have chosen not to make a trip up to Bradford to see them.

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  RE: A comment on the latest poll Trogadmin 22-02-00 1
     RE: A comment on the latest poll Sylvain 22-02-00 2

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22-02-00, 09:50 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: A comment on the latest poll"
In response to message #0
   I would have liked to have seen "None" added as
a choice. I trust no critics other than myself.
I know the film reviewer for a newspaper in Oz,
and he gives even the most appalling film a
reasonable review, even if he hates it. He like
me, thinks most American mainstream films are very
dire, and he would like to give his honest
opinion. If he does however, the paper won't print
it, so he will be out of work. If the paper were
to print negative reviews, the film distributors
would withdraw their advertising, and the newspaper would suffer a financial loss.

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22-02-00, 11:38 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: A comment on the latest poll"
In response to message #1
   If you have ever witnessed after 1st night dinners and heard the critics mulling over what they will write in their column, you wouldn't trust a single one of them again.
So much art politics goes on , not to speak of plain favoritism games. Critics enjoy their little power abuse trips (not all of them of course). I've seen some take dictation from the director or choreographer at table afterwards because they didn't know or care much what to write!!!
Plus those that will give a good review if properly wined and dined.
No these are not fanciful clichés...I've witnessed it folks!

As for those that are more serious and passionate about it, I still feel that anybody who goes to see so many shows week in week out can't possibly stay alert and objective all the time...its only human.

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