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Subject: "AMP Swan Lake - a few comments" Archived thread - Read only
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18-02-00, 01:33 PM (GMT)
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"AMP Swan Lake - a few comments"
   LAST EDITED ON 18-Feb-00 AT 06:09 PM (GMT)

Just wanted to say that, following my not entirely enthusiastic review of this last autumn, I went again last night, and everyone seemed to be on excellent form. Whether it was just the (rare, given the casting) combination of the original dancers, Scott Ambler and Adam Cooper, I don't know, but everyone seemed to be far sharper than the last two performances I'd seen, including one last week. In particular, the swans seemed to have regained their vicious edge, so important in reminding the audience of their potential danger and thus making the final act so much more believable. There also seemed to be rather more depth in the portrayals, and I noticed far more significant plot details than normal, which does help, and which leads me to suspect that, as in most productions, various aspects haven't been totally passed on to subsequent casts. (BTW, the Prince seemed to be really embarrassed by the Girlfriend - what do you expect - and didn't initially want to see her at the ball at all. Don't remember seeing that before?) Just to sum it up, my companion announced that she wasn't going to come and see it again, because she didn't think another performance could be that good!

Oh, and as a total aside, I was very struck in the third act by the large number of male dancers with very slim legs. It made me wonder whether, once the show has finished its run, the feathery breeches should be marketed as some kind of slimming aid!

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  RE: AMP Swan Lake - a few comments Ann 18-02-00 1
     RE: AMP Swan Lake - a few comments Carly Gillies 29-02-00 2

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18-02-00, 06:58 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: AMP Swan Lake - a few comments"
In response to message #0
   Oh goodie! Am making a great expedition to see Scott & Adam in one of their matinee performances. BTW, I've had it on the best authority that neither Adam or Simon are going to be doing Car Men? Can anybody else confirm this?

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Carly Gillies

29-02-00, 12:44 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: AMP Swan Lake - a few comments"
In response to message #1
   I'm glad you enjoyed it Alison

We saw it the previous week and I agree that the whole production looks very tight and polished - and so it should be after it's tour.
Seeing Scott Ambler and Adam Cooper in their 'own' roles really added something for me.
Scott plays the emotionally repressed Prince so well that his humiliation and destruction, for the consequences of attempting to break the bonds of convention, is entirely believable at the end of Act 3, and wonderfully mirrored by the Swan in Act 4 also being destroyed by his own kind.

If anyone is still wondering whether to see this - DO.

Ann. You're correct about Car Men. Simon Cooper is re joining Rambert, and Adam will be appearing with Scottish Ballet as Romeo ( among his many and varied pursuits )at about the same time.
Scott Ambler does have a part in it though.

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