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Subject: "Russian Nutcrackers" Archived thread - Read only
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11-06-99, 12:33 PM (GMT)
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"Russian Nutcrackers"
   Sorry to mention the "N" word when it isn't even Christmas, but I attended the St. Petersburg Phil concert performance of the full Nutcracker score at the Barbican the other night (and my apologies earlier for suggesting that the conductor would be Gergiev, when it was actually Temirkanov - Gergiev was on the opposite page, which may explain the confusion!), and the performance made me wonder. Namely, the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy was used as a separate item *before* the Grand Pas de Deux, and the only bit of the GPdD which was played was the first bit, with no solos or coda. The concert finished at that point, which left me a bit disconcerted (no pun intended!). I was wondering if it's standard practice in Russian Nutcrackers to separate out the Sugar Plum bit and to leave out the final (?)waltz and apotheosis, or whether the orchestra just had a slightly loose interpretation of the phrase "full score". Perhaps someone who's seen the Kirov's candy-floss version could enlighten me?

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