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Subject: "New Millennium International Ballet Gala in NYC" Archived thread - Read only
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16-02-00, 02:12 AM (GMT)
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"New Millennium International Ballet Gala in NYC"
   The New Millennium International Ballet Gala in New York City became a Valentine’s Day gift to the world. Featuring world-acclaimed dancers from the Royal Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Kirov Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and the Bolshoi Ballet, the program included all-time classics, as well as some exciting new contemporary works. Here are some generals thoughts:


The Sleeping Beauty PDD
Susan Jaffe, Charles Askegard

Susan Jaffe’s interpretation of The Sleeping Beauty was simple, elegant, and her movements were well defined. I would praise her as an authentic classical dancer. Charles Askegard could have presented more “princely” qualities, yet he revealed a strong partnership with Jaffe.

Spartacus PDD (Choreography:Yuri Grigorovich)
Anna Antonicheva, Yuri Klevtsov

Antonicheva possessed strong qualities of a “Bolshoi dancer” with her dynamic style and expressiveness. Unfortunately, she “gymnasticated” this whole piece by focusing on her physical flexibility. She handled some of the steps too roughly, diminishing the fluency in her movements.

Diva (Choreography: Carolyn Carlson)
Marie Agnes Gillot

An extremely modern piece by Carlson, Gillot represented a vibrant opera singer. She embodied all qualities of a Diva -- charisma, talent, vigor, and most importantly, femininity.

Le Corsaire PDD
Darcey Bussell, Igor Zelensky

Bussell was elegant and sophisticated, but nothing more. For me, Medora was a rather miscast for Bussell. Zelensky was technically astounding, although I would have enjoyed more speed in his movements.

White Swan PDD
Lucia Lacarra, Cyril Pierre

Lacarra was a jewel. She exhibited the qualities of a true Swan Princess -- her execution of the “line,” provided by her extremely flexible back, her usage of arms (exquisite port-de-bras!!!) , which were truly as light as feathers. Her classical elegance was a combination of Makarova and Guillem!

Gennadi Saveliev

Saveliev entertained the audience with this Russian folk dance.

La Esmeralda PDD
Agnes Letestu, Jose Martinez

Letestu gave a thrilling interpretation of Esmeralda (but less dramatic than Tan’s -SFB) and completely astounded us with her impeccable technique. (Those extensions, as she hits the tips of her toe shoes with the tambourine, were impressive!!) Along with her dynamic presentation, she carried the sublime qualities of a genuine French dancer with her graceful expression. Martinez was a joy to watch; his movements were sharp and precise. It was a perfect partnership.


Bedroom PDD from Manon
Darcey Bussell, Igor Zelensky

I enjoyed Bussell in Manon more so than I did in Le Corsaire. Her passion for Des Grieux was vivid, and her portrayal as his mistress carried charm and innocence! Her partnership with Zelensky is becoming quite a treasure.

Diana and Acteon PDD
Anna Antonicheva, Yuri Klevtsov

Antonicheva and Klevtsov appeared as if they cared more about their technical capabilities rather than refinement and quality. I would have to say both were better controlled this time, but their performance only seemed to be a sequel to Spartacus.

Apollo PDD
Susan Jaffe, Charles Askegard

Jaffe and Askegard did not leave me with a strong impression on this piece.

In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated PDD
Agnes Letestu, Jose Martinez

Although this piece was originally choreographed for Guillem, Letestu’s technical caliber --her staggering extensions, powerful presentation -- revealed superb qualities of this contemporary work. I love the physics of this piece: the friction and force in their (partner’s) movements. Martinez gave as much impact as Letestu and demonstrated his qualification as a contemporary artist.

Adagio for Strings PDD (Choreography Gerard Bobotte)
Lucia Lacarra, Cyril Pierre

Lacarra was absolutely gorgeous! The delicacy and sensuality in her movements enraptured the audience, as well as the classical elegance that she embraced in her form of expression. Pierre and Lacarra exhibited a wonderfully romantic partnership.

Don Quixote PDD
Marie Agnes Gillot, Marcelo Gomes

Unfortunately, Gillot suffered a weak partnership. Her solo variation was vivid and well controlled (her performance style and musicality resembled M.C. Pietragalla), although I would have liked to see a more charming and joyous portrayal of Kitri. I certainly do see her as a potential etoile in the near future... Gomes excelled in his variation, yet, he handled Gillot poorly.

*If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask!

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  RE: New Millennium International Ballet Gala in NYC catherine 16-02-00 1
  RE: New Millennium International Ballet Gala in NYC Sherry 17-02-00 2

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16-02-00, 11:53 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: New Millennium International Ballet Gala in NYC"
In response to message #0
   Did they record it for TV. It seems to be interesting to see it. It's completely silly to give to Marie-Agnès a partner like Marcelo Gomes he is small for her. It's the problem of Marie Agnès she could dance only with BArt, Le Riche or Martinez. Gomes stays one year at POB School. But he doens't try to pass the concours to enter in POB. It's sad because it was a very fine dancer.
I'd like to see In the Middle with Guillem because at the creation I don't really remember what she makes an so many dancer dance it since the creation looking Guillem especially Letestu, Gillot danced it las t year she was absolutely wonderful, with strong, technically perfect. I find she must be etoile.

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17-02-00, 01:05 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: New Millennium International Ballet Gala in NYC"
In response to message #0
   It was not filmed for TV.

I agree with most of the comments made by Terry but Gomes is much too junior to be invited to participate in this type of event.

Askegard was less than good in both pieces. The fact that he is tall and strong has nothing to do with his dancing abilities.

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