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Subject: "Wayne Eagling and Dutch National Ballet" Archived thread - Read only
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11-06-99, 12:26 PM (GMT)
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"Wayne Eagling and Dutch National Ballet"
   (Sorry this is a bit late, but pressure of work and all that!)

There was a (very) full house on Monday night when Wayne Eagling made a brief trip over from Amsterdam to talk to the London Ballet Circle. Unbelievable as it may seem, he's now been AD of Dutch National Ballet for around 8 years, I think. It's a company of similar size to the Royal, but there are differences and similarities between the two. Just as over here, audiences are rather more attracted to full-evening ballets, but Eagling has a policy of only putting a couple of these on per season, and in rotation, so you would never suffer from an overdose of a particular favourite as some people do with the Royal. There are never enough full-evening works, so he has been having new ones created, the latest being The Magic Flute, which is a collaboration between Eagling and Toer van Schayk. Also, ballets are done in blocks of, say, a couple of weeks, rather than being mixed around as the RB do. The range of ballets is wide, with most major choreographers being represented, and DNB are about to do William Forsythe's full-length "Artifact", at the Edinburgh Festival and in Amsterdam. Sounds interesting. He also sounds very much at home over there.

No time to go into detail about everything that Eagling said, except that when somebody asked the 64 million-dollar question, i.e. would he be interested in the AD-ship of the Royal Ballet, he would commit himself only to saying "Never say never".

Incidentally, I've also picked up a copy of the 1999/2000 DNB season brochure, if anyone's interested. Apart from the Forsythe, Magic Flute and Swan Lake, the season also contains four "composer" bills: Beethoven, Bach and two Stravinskys. I'm not intending to post details, but if anyone would like more information, do contact me.

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