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Subject: "New Juliet Mini-poll" Archived thread - Read only
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Bruce Madmin

11-06-99, 07:06 AM (GMT)
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"New Juliet Mini-poll"
   I have replaced/changed the Juliet poll.

If you didn't realise I put up the poll in the way I did (only 2 names) to make the point that that those were the only names that people had posted when we asked. We don't ask often and it seemed a good way of getting folks into using the new board as well!

Well we now have some more names (thank you muchly ) and I've cleared out the old votes so everybody can vote. The new poll will be open until Sunday the 20th June.

The other thread contains many ideas for Juliets, including past Juliets and Juliets from the wider world. To keep it simple we decided to confine this poll to just Juliets who can be thought to be current dancers of the role in the UK. At the least it would be nice to do a greatest Juliet of all time poll another time. There is no rush because we will be generally changing the Mini-poll each week.

If anybody wants to say why they think dancer x should win should feel very free to post and I'm pleased that some of you have already.

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