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Subject: "International Choreography, RB, 20/1/2000" Archived thread - Read only
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24-01-00, 10:51 AM (GMT)
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"International Choreography, RB, 20/1/2000"
   Just a few quick words, not a full review, on the International Choreography bill on 20th January. On a second viewing, there was far more fine detail apparent in A Strangerís Taste. Whether this was because of the absence of those distracting propellers, or because the dancers were more familiar with the work, Iím not sure. Or maybe it just needs more than one viewing to bring out the nuances. I did think the cast looked happier and didnít seem quite as stiff as they had been at the first performance. I was particularly struck this time by Peter Abegglen and Jenny Tattersal in the third section. In general, the reception the piece got was rather warmer than it had been at the first performance - perhaps we were just relieved that the curtain had risen at all.

In the second section, Remanso was probably the most popular item, danced by the same cast as at the opening (Cope, Acosta, Urlezaga), with Cope on particularly fine form. The excerpt from Barber Violin Concerto was performed by Busssel and Burley: I canít say, from this performance that the partnership looks particularly promising. He can cope with the lifts well enough, but they looked quite distant from one another, not really interacting.

Known by Heart was a Twyla Tharp piece new to me, danced by Susan Jaffe and Ethan Stiefel. I was surprised that the audience response to this wasnít more positive, as it was performed with bundles of charm and a very engaging grin by Stiefel. Jaffe fell quite badly, but her recovery was remarkable - she still went for the rest of the piece with undiminished attack.

The Forsythe piece that closed this section of the programme was less ĎForsytheí than most. The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude is rather more conventional in its use of ballet vocabulary than works like Steptext. Itís still fast and difficult stuff. Abegglen and Kobborg looked quite at home in this. The casting of the three female roles was more intriguing. Bull we would expect: but with her were Yanowsky and Benjamin, and the difference in height between those two is quite striking. I donít associate Benjamin with Forsythe, but she looked in perfect command. It was good to see a work which, however short, still looked complete in itself and not an obvious excerpt from something larger. Forsythe in handy snack size.

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