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Subject: "Ballet of Cuba in Nanterre" Archived thread - Read only
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19-01-00, 01:13 PM (GMT)
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"Ballet of Cuba in Nanterre"
   I was in Nanterre on the 14th and, following Estelle's request, these are my impressions.

Of course the music was taped. The first piece was "La fille mal gardée". As soon as the curtain was up I was striked by the poor scenery and costumes. All the dancers looked quite young, short, with stocky legs and unimpressive feet. For a long time there was plenty of pantomime and such a little dancing that I started wondering if I was really watching the Ballet of Cuba: everything was nearly amateurish! Luckily the evening was saved by Colas. The role was danced by Rolando Sarabia: at last beautiful feet, dazzling pirouettes, a convincing display of technical prowess. Not so outstanding was his interpretation: rather conventional and even stiff at moments.
Three more pieces followed: "Après le déluge", "Rythmiques", "Terre et lune". Only the first ballet, choreographed by Alberto Méndez, has enticing images, the entwined bodies suggesting strange creatures. The last piece ended the evening on the lowest note.

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  RE: Ballet of Cuba in Nanterre Estelle Souche 19-01-00 1
     RE: Ballet of Cuba in Nanterre Renee Renouf 21-01-00 2

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Estelle Souche

19-01-00, 04:23 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Ballet of Cuba in Nanterre"
In response to message #0
   Susy, thanks for the review!

At first I was feeling sorry to have missed the performance, but now I feel less sorry... I'm not really surprised by what you wrote about the costumes and scenery, since most critics wrote the same about their productions of "Swan Lake" and "Giselle", and also one can't expect much given the economic situation in Cuba...

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Renee Renouf

21-01-00, 06:53 AM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Ballet of Cuba in Nanterre"
In response to message #1
   Rolando Sorabia won the junior men's gold at
Jackson in 1998. I think he went on to win the
same at Varna the same year. I agree he is truly
phenomenal. I think he had a problem partnering
because of his size, but what a dancer! At Jackson he won on the strength of being a soloist.

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