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Subject: "POB's new principal" Archived thread - Read only
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08-01-00, 06:14 PM (GMT)
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"POB's new principal"
   Jean-Guillaume Bart,Opéra de Paris' latest principal.He was promoted to the ultimate rank of étoile after his first representation of Sleeping Beauty(ch:Nureev) ,partnering Fanny Gaida , on the 5th of january-just before the day of his birthday(he is now 28).This nomination is rather not a surprise since he had been distributed in several main roles these last years(Manon , Swan Lake, Raymonda etc...).When he was premier danseur, he often danced with Aurélie Dupont.
He entered the POB in 1988 , the same year as Nicolas Le Riche(but his progression is a little slower:Le Riche was promoted étoile in 1993).
Jean-Guillaume Bart is the type of very classical dancer(that's why prince roles suit him well).he is the kind of dancer to whom Gsovsky's Grand Pas Classique suits very well.To compare him to the other étoiles, we should say that he doesn't have the virility of Laurent Hilaire(some japanese women like that "quality" , I don't), the technical perfection of Manuel Legris , the artistic emotion of Nicolas Le Riche, but he has a kind of noble attitude , his dance is clean.
The only thing is that sometimes he looks like a little boy trying to do well his homeworks otherwise his mother would scold him.Moreover he has sometimes a freezed smile that looks a little silly.But these things are very unimportant details-I haven't seen him enough dance to judge him categorically.

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  RE: POB's new principal Catherine 12-01-00 1

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12-01-00, 10:38 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: POB's new principal"
In response to message #0

J'ai assisté à la soirée de nomination de Jean-Guillaume Bart et je peux dire qu'il le mérite amplement. Il est certainement actuellement l'un des meilleurs danseurs de l'Opéra et après sa représentation extraordinaire de samedi 8 janvier, je peux vous dire qu'il est vraiment un très grand, à l'heure actuelle supérieur à Legris et à Martinez. J'attends le Désiré de ce dernier avec impatience. Car vraiment Jean-Guillaume a frappé très fort samedi, emballant le public qui lui a fait un véritable triomphe. S'il continue ainsi...
C'est vrai qu'il n'a pas le physique d'un danseur mais il danse si bien et il a fait d'énormes progrès au niveau jeu.
Jean Guillaume BArt issued form School; Ballet dancing Master Ballet in Conservatoire, he became coryphée in 1989 or 1990, sujet in 1991 and premier danseur in 1996. Le riche and Martinez who are in the same promotion became etoile before him. But when he was younger he was often injuried. Now it's fine. He danced his first role in Nutcraker by Neumeier, he danced Dances at the Gathering too (blue boy rule). Since three years he danced Siegfried in Swan Lake, Jean de Brienne in Raymonda, Basilio and Espada in Don Quichotte, Des Grieux in Manon, he danced Desire in 1997 when he was just premier danseur. He dances also Le jeune homme in Neumeier's Sylvia. He will dance Cendrillon and Bayadère's Solor in England. He has a great technic so good than Legris which I compare always him.


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