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Subject: "Ballet Association Dinner" Archived thread - Read only
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Bruce Madmin

09-06-99, 09:17 AM (GMT)
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"Ballet Association Dinner"
   Had a great time at the BA dinner last night. Derek Rencher got a special present togther with speach by David Drew.

We were on the same table as Derek and Edward Watson and good fun they were too. I managed to worm out of Edward that he is not going for the big job - but further than that cannot say!

The BA is a great institution and if you have never attended one of their talks you have not lived! We have more about the BA on the following page:


A good 'do' and my thanks to all who arranged it.

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  RE: Ballet Association Dinner Michael 09-06-99 1

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09-06-99, 09:06 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Ballet Association Dinner"
In response to message #0
Glad you enjoyed the Dinner. We were particularly pleased by Derek Rencher's reaction as it clearly had never occurred to him that we would present him with a gift.

I had a quiet word in Anthony's ear and believe the Director's job is mine for the asking...so you can stop your poll now.

Planning for next year's dinner starts next week............

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