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Subject: "RB: International Choreography - Thurs 16/12/99" Archived thread - Read only
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17-12-99, 04:51 PM (GMT)
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"RB: International Choreography - Thurs 16/12/99"
   The programme was almost identical to the first night, but, if Iíve read Lynette et alís first night postings correctly (and if I didnít fall asleep last night!), there was a piece missing from the middle section (we had Tagore, Remanso, Lento, and The Four Seasons/Summer, but no Barber Violin Concerto).

A few thoughts to add to whatís already been said:

A Strangerís Taste (Davies): I thought Peter Abegglen and Jenny Tattersall also looked very comfortable with Daviesí style (although according to the programme notes they were also involved in 13 Different Keys, so itís not surprising).

Tagore (Tetley): Greta Hodgkinson has lovely limbs!

Remanso (Duarto): the lighting gives the dancers very strong shadows that are cast towards the audience, which I thought added an interesting element.

Lento (Neumeier): very gymnastic for Darcey in places - plus her red all-in-one of course.

The Four Seasons / Summer (Kudelka): a well-known piece of music (but donít ask me to hum it!). As someone who usually responds more readily to visual stimulus than to audio, I found that with this piece the music came first, because of its familiarity, and the newness of the dancing came second. This was the first time I have felt this when watching dance - a very strange sensation.

Hidden Variables (Page): the usual stuff, although I thought some of the colours were a bit jollier than usual!

As a whole, I thought the pieces were sufficiently different in style to be distinguishable and not merge together, but they werenít so different that any of them jarred (eg there wasnít a "tutu" piece dropped in the middle). I greatly enjoyed the evening.

(I was also going to post some thoughts on the new House but unfortunately donít have time. Hereís a quick tip, though, for anyone who canít figure out how to work the plug in the toilet sink: try poking it with your finger!)

Iím off on holiday now - Merry Christmas to you all!

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  RE: RB: International Choreography - Thurs 16/12/99 Eugene 17-12-99 1
  RE: RB: International Choreography - Thurs 16/12/99 alison 20-12-99 2

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17-12-99, 10:14 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: RB: International Choreography - Thurs 16/12/99"
In response to message #0
   The program was seriously misconceived. Almost all the major works were premiers for Covent Garden. Moreover it was not balanced off with popular proven works. To matters worse the new works by Davies etc were elusive modernist esoteric works which could be enjoyed only the more experienced ballet goers could appreciate. I heared lots of murmuring as to how boring the Davies work was. Why not throw in some show stoppers like La Corsaire to liven up the atmosphere!!

I think we got was Dance Bites all over again. But I did like Remanso! And there were some enjoyable bits in Strangers Tale

It is interesting the comment by Katherine about the effects of using a well known music score. For many people it would appear that it is almost distracting {I also refer to comments made by Jonathan earlier on this issue}. I on the other hand find that a great music score enhances the work greatly. When great dance is coupled with great music to me it is the most riviting experience around. It is in my view the closest to the Total Art Work - examples include Appollo, Stravinsky Violin Concerto and perhaps the best of them all - Symphonic Variations!

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20-12-99, 01:01 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: RB: International Choreography - Thurs 16/12/99"
In response to message #0
   Oh no, they haven't got those awful plugs that they've got at the Albert Hall, have they?! Ridiculous design. (Perhaps Bruce, with his vast knowledge of sanitaryware, would like to comment!)

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