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Subject: "Ballet Imperial" Archived thread - Read only
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gerald dowler

06-12-99, 08:37 AM (GMT)
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"Ballet Imperial"
   Interesting the discussion about the sets and costumes for Ballet Imperial. I feel that Eugene has a rather over dismissive view about design. As another poster has written, the sets and costumes are recreations of the 50s design for the revival supervised by Balanchine himself. A decision to return to these was made partly because the RB Ballet Imperial differs from the NYCB - Mr B was so impressed by the London dancers that he adapted and changed and even the Balnchine Foundation recognises this fact. That London should stick with the London design and London choreography seems entirely logical.
Incidentally, Balnchine's decision to strip as many of his ballets down to no sets and only practice clothes remains controversial. Apollo (in my humble opinion) makes no sense at all at NYCB without the opening tableau of Apollo's mother and then his birth or, indeed, without the staircase to ascend to Olympus at the end
Design is a vital part of ballet, just as music. I thought that the Diaghilev ideal of a complete art form, Gesamtwerk, to poach from Wagner, was generally accepted nowadays, Eugene. Given also that the RB is firmly placed in the Diaghilev lineage through de Valois et al. and bearing in mind our national theatrical and stage tradition, it is unsurpising our tendency towards narrative or representational ballets and the value given to stage design.

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  RE: Ballet Imperial Bruce Madmin 06-12-99 1

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Bruce Madmin

06-12-99, 10:13 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Ballet Imperial"
In response to message #0
   More to the point Ballet Imperial is in Ballet.co colours (or was it the other way around?!)

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