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Subject: "new contracts for ROH staffs" Archived thread - Read only
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Eugene Merrett

23-11-99, 11:57 PM (GMT)
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"new contracts for ROH staffs"
   According to the D. Telegraph the dancers, musicians and singers have agreed not to require more money for TV and internet broadcasts. As I said earlier as they are receiving a goverment subsidised wage they are not entitled to extra pay for TV work -especially if there is no corresponding increase in revenue (does the BBC pay for opera and ballet broadcasts).

But whatever ones views on this issue it is good news for us as ballet and opera will come more accessable. ROH/BBC etc may be willing to do more broadcasts as they do not have to incur the greater costs!

Most interesting will be broadcasts on the internet. Currently down load times and picture are quality are not adequate enough to make this practical . But in a few years time this will surely change. What is really good about it is that by broadcasting on the internet the ROH does not have to go through costly satelite or aerial means of transmission. In fact the only costs will be production and camera work. This will lower the required audience necessary to make it econimically worthwhile!

In fact I predict that in 10 years time every performance will be broadcasted on the internet for a monthly subscription!

Quality pictures and sound on the internet will be the greatest revolution in communication since the invention of TV itself!

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