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Subject: "Ballet??? Of course silly!" Archived thread - Read only
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Carl Michael

15-11-99, 06:35 AM (GMT)
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"Ballet??? Of course silly!"
   Hello there,

A few months ago I suddenly find myself in awe, a Pop Culture raised 22yr old glued to the television watching some men bounce and roll around a dark symphony-filled theatre with utter grace. A large plastic ball their instrument of focus.

This was Grace and beauty slighty superior to my sporting idols such as Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, Michael Owen and the like. As unimaginable as it seemed, and still seems.

I never really had a thought for ballet before that day... today I see ballet as the physical activity/art for me in the future. Already being an aspiring Britpop singer/songwriter, ballet will i'm sure have my life positively bursting with wonder and inspiration

Is it like a gay man coming out of the closet? Well here in Sydney Australia, perhaps. Never the less, there you have it.

Ballet. The one and only.

Oh, and this site is excellent. Asthetically, functionally, artistically... hmm... perhaps you ballerinas are an original bunch? Well centred beings the rest of the world need to learn from so badly, but as of yet, just don't have a clue about.


Kings Cross-Woolloomooloo
Sydney Australia

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  RE: Ballet??? Of course silly! Caz 21-11-99 2

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21-11-99, 03:46 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Ballet??? Of course silly!"
In response to message #0

So do you plan to watch ballet in the future or actually to start dancing yourself?

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