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Subject: "recipe request please!" Archived thread - Read only
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Eugene Merrett

20-10-99, 03:44 PM (GMT)
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"recipe request please!"
   Regarding the Chinese Head of State Visit to England - undoubtedly the most important thing about is who sat where at the state banquet given by the Queen(all the papers seem to have printed the seating plan)! The closer you are to the queen the more important you are!

And of course the menu!

I note in the menu that the dessert was "Bombe Glacee Coppelia". Sounds delicious! Can anyone tell me why it has a ballet connotation - is the Queen promoting the Royal Ballet's forthcoming production of the ballet of the same name! Or maybe she is promoted Al Fayed sponsered ENB version (probably not!).

Anyway can anyone give me the recipe. Something for our family sunday lunch I think!

P.s who is "Mrs Flood"? - the person seated the most distance from the Queen. The cleaning maid perhaps?

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