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Subject: "K Ballet in Osaka, Japan (20 May) " Archived thread - Read only
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Tomoko in Japan

22-05-99, 07:42 PM (GMT)
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"K Ballet in Osaka, Japan (20 May) "
   It's always uncanny how my heart is filled with delight after the marvellous show. When I headed back home leaving the theatre, I couldn't have been happier. I'm talking about what happend to me having enjoyed K Ballet performance in Osaka.
The Repertory was as Toyoko Tajiri-san
stated several days ago.

My favourite one is The Vary People. The reason is so clear : I love several men dancing together! In fact, I didn't find the performance so exciting before
it (it was rather dull actually, I like the tender way Matthew Dibble danced in Pieces of Eight though).
And the moment when men lifted other man...that was when I got completely stuck. Some wouldn't agree with me, that is for sure. But for me, being completely mad for AMP, ah, I can't forget the sensation then!
The Vary People is playful, funny, and at the same time, beautiful production.
I like this one the best.

And my other favourite is Concerto in F.
I enjoyed the concept so much(we could take a glance at the off-stage!). And I can say I actually enjoyed the every bit of it. As I haven't seen ballet so much, only the costume female dancers wore were good enough to make me feel like in a dream....

After the huge applause, they performed something which wasn't in the programme. The dancers seemed to enjoy the moment as well as the audience. How high Kumakawa-san jumped in the air then! We, even after seeing him jump so many times, were surprised-almost shocked at it, and gave big hands.

Indeed the applause was a massive one.
I thought it'd never end. All the people in the ground floor kept standing to admire them for a long time.
So did the Orchestra players(it was amusing too).
Kumakawa-san gave the flowers he used on stage to the audience-by throwing them away!

Poor report from Japan-
I'd never seen one of them nor had I seen Royal ballet before. So it's not fair for me to criticise (eg. how they dance differently now). I just want to say I enjoyed the show a lot. They were certainly eager to please us as much as we wanted to be pleased. And that's probably the reason why I felt so happy to see the show.

I've already decided to see them again in November...for I'd love them to please me...to fill my heart with great delight again!!

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