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Subject: "St Petersburg" Archived thread - Read only
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06-10-99, 12:57 PM (GMT)
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"St Petersburg"
   Hello everyone.

Next May I will be going to St Petersburg. I a VERY excited and have a couple of questions:-

Firstly, does anyone know if there is any ballet scheduled for that time
Secondly I am sure that I read on this site that someone did a roof top tour of St Petersburg - does this ring any bells?

Thanks for any info
Best wishes

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  RE: St Petersburg Anneliese 06-10-99 1

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06-10-99, 07:41 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: St Petersburg"
In response to message #0
   I remember seeing something about a rooftop tour on the Holiday Show a year or so back - could be worth contacting the BBC?

We went to St. Petersburg at the end of May '98 and the Kirov was dancing on 3 nights out of the 6 that we were there (there was a visiting company performing on the other nights). There IS a website but the performance details were only updated about 2 weeks before we went. Jenny and Shirley are more expert than I in matters of tickets - I wimped out and we went to the hotel concierge - but grand tier seats were just under 25 face value and we paid US$65 a head through the hotel on the day of the performance.

It's well worth making the effort to go - the theatre is beautiful and the company something elsse (you don't get the full impact when they're on tour I think).

Hope this helps!

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