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Subject: "Volochkova -- a question" Archived thread - Read only
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19-06-02, 03:49 PM (GMT)
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"Volochkova -- a question"
   Anastasia Volochkova danced here last week with the Bolshoi (Swan Lake and La Bayadere) and was so different from the dancer I'd read about in London reviews a few years back, I thought I'd ask you all what you thought of her. I have friends who saw her when she was very young and thought she was exquisite, "THE one," as they put it. The London reviews, as I remember them, portrayed her as way over-the-top.

Here, despite a bit of glitter dust here and too much make up there, she was a model of classical decorum. I haven't seen that many 90 degree arabesques in years, and the performances were very thoughtful. (She did fan herself after every fourth fouette in the Don Q pas de deux, but that was at a gala.)

Who's the Volochkova you know?

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19-06-02, 04:01 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Volochkova -- a question"
In response to message #0
   I think they are one and the same. I suppose like anyone she can have her good and bad days.

She got quite a lot of publicity a year or so back in hello etc. There were also tabloid stories about her love life.

I'm interested to hear that you really liked her - I would hate to think that all that fuss over her was about nothing.

Glitter dust? Now thats interesting as dont think I've ever noticed that at the ballet before

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19-06-02, 04:21 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Volochkova -- a question"
In response to message #0
   i saw her in march and september 2001 at sadlers wells
...both were in effect 'one woman shows' . she danced
selections from R&J /la bayadere /swan lake etc and i
thought she was magnificent ! she did get a lot of stick
for what the media considered a form of dumbing down
or ballet lite ...there was also a good deal of speculation
about her private life and she was dubbed the wicked
witch by the daily mail...all of this overshadowed the
reviews as far as i can remember. my only criticism was
that there was no orchestra and everything was danced
to very poor quality taped music....the strongest compliment
i can pay her is that prior to seeing her in march 2001 i had
never been to see a ballet before and since then i have seen about 40 performances ! maybe as a ballet virgin at the time i am not the best person to comment on her classical technique etc but she was everything that i thought a ballerina should be and she triggered a real passion in me for ballet which (thanks to alina!) looks like it will be a lifetime obsession !
ps i still cannot hear 'scheherazade' without seeing the image of her dancing !

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20-06-02, 06:02 PM (GMT)
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4. "RE: Volochkova -- a question"
In response to message #2
   Dear Phil

Surely the second Sadler's Wells season was far from a one woman show - she had dancers from Poland in Swan Lake and a Russian company - Gordeev I believe - in Carmen Suite and other things. Also there was a full size orchestra for almost everything except Don Q, when the parts had not arrived from Russia.

Glad you enjoyed what you saw

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20-06-02, 06:34 PM (GMT)
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5. "RE: Volochkova -- a question"
In response to message #4
   IIRC Irek wasn't happy about her rendition of Swan Lake.

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20-06-02, 07:00 PM (GMT)
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6. "RE: Volochkova -- a question"
In response to message #4
   LAST EDITED ON 20-06-02 AT 07:04 PM (GMT)

LAST EDITED ON 20-06-02 AT 07:03 PM (GMT)

dear jm
i guess i was being a bit flippant referring to both as
one woman shows ..as you rightly point out she appeared with members of the polish national ballet and the russian state ballet ..however, although she danced only 4 of the
8 pieces it was obvious from the way the evening was presented and from the programs cover etc that this was HER show and everyone else was there to support her ..i seem to remember her bows lasted a lot longer !! i had forgotten about the orchestra !
ps :- i also recall her being quoted as saying that she wanted to do for ballet what the the 3 tenors had done for ballet .

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19-06-02, 04:58 PM (GMT)
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3. "RE: Volochkova -- a question"
In response to message #0
   She's certainly a dancer who provokes strong reaction - so I guess she isn't boring!

I think the press is very easily led by common prejudice in almost all aspects of their work. They don't have the expertise or the time to find out the real story or develop their own opinions. Amost any time I know what the 'real' story in the media is about due to personal contact I find the TV and press are almost always completely wrong. One light-hearted example a few days ago - Gary Lineker read out a 'story' from a US news website he'd supposedly visited himself which amusingly called the goal a "score bag" and other such nonsense. Of course, it was a spoof that someone had given him so he'd make a fool of himself but I'm sure thousands swallowed it and though "stupid Americans". Countless times one reads stories about a public figure - musician, sportsman, whatever, only to hear the same 10-year old erroneous myth recycled about them by a lazy herd-like journalist.

Um... Volochkova? Sorry, got sidetracked. My opinion is that she has many great technical qualities with a Russian style, star quality and charisma in abundance and an understandable desire to free herself from the constraints of a single ballet company, Guillem-style or preferably bigger. I think she has not progressed as well as was expected, particularly with regard to the acting side of things, as when she first emerged around 10 years ago and that 'fact' is a disappointment that too many people have been positively gleeful about. Perhaps staying at the Kirov would have made her an all-time great, perhaps not. We shall never know.

Put it this way - if she was in London I'd go see her without a moment's hesitation. As I have, so there you go.

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21-06-02, 07:30 AM (GMT)
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7. "RE: Volochkova -- a question"
In response to message #3
Just did a quick search of the database for our (ballet.co) reviews:

Theres only two in which she is mentioned and strangely (truly) they are both by me!

As you indicated, most of the hardcopy critics were not incredibly impressed and as PhilipB says there is a feeling that she may have done better being part of proper company infrastructure.

I'd see her again - kind of have to I suppose - but it would be with something of a heavy heart. She looks stunning and exquisite, but struggles to inhabit roles and seems utterly and unnecessarily imperious. I'm encouraged by your views and it sounds like perhaps she is thinking more and progressing...

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