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Subject: "Whoops - message for Ann re BRB" Archived thread - Read only
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04-10-99, 07:39 AM (GMT)
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"Whoops - message for Ann re BRB"
   I tried to move your posting re BRB reviews to this forum (which is where reviews generally go)... but I screwed up and deleted it instead. Sorry - if you can bear to post again that would be nice.

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  RE: Whoops - message for Ann re BRB Ann Williams 04-10-99 1

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Ann Williams

04-10-99, 08:08 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Whoops - message for Ann re BRB"
In response to message #0
   Grrr...Bruce! I didn't do any notes for my posting, just did it off the top of my head (all us geniuses do, you know). I think I said something along the lines that I had done a full review of BRB's Giselle after seeing Saturday's matinee, but decided not to post it after seeing Louise Levene's critique in the Sunday Telegraph as my comments were so similar, except that I had been slightly kinder about Letitia Mueller's performance

I made a couple of points about Bintley's production: i) although he had promised more realistically ghostly Wilis, they were still the same bunch of pretty gals in white frocks, albeit rather grubby white and prettily tattered, which latter effect rather took away from the impact of the two lines of Wilis hopping across the stage since the eerie diaphonous effect was lost. Also the the sound of the bell tolling to signify the end of Myrthe's earthly powers went for nothing, as she was nowhere near the recumbent Albrecht at the time and she and the Wilis just melted politely away. I saw a peformance by ENB some years ago with Jospehine Jewkes as Myrthe. When the bell tolled she was bending threateningly over Albrecht's exhaused body and at the first stroke she jerked her head up and glared out over the audience like a villan in a Victorian melodrama - as if she was saying 'Curses! foiled again!'. Over the top maybe, but you didn't half get the point.

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