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Subject: "Richard Buckle papers (Lord Tredegar)" Archived thread - Read only
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Paul Busby

10-05-02, 08:45 PM (GMT)
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"Richard Buckle papers (Lord Tredegar)"
   I am trying to trace the location of the papers of the sadly missed ballet critic Richard Buckle. I am researching the life, for a proposed biography, of the eccentric Welsh poet and patron of the arts, Evan Morgan (1893-1949), Viscount Tredegar. Lord Tredegar was a friend of Buckle and I am hoping that some correspondence might exist between them.

Buckle contacted Tredegar in 1940 to discuss the life of the author Ronald Firbank (Miriam Benkovitz quotes from this correspondence in her 1968 book: Ronald Firbank: A Biography) and a bizarre story circulated in 1943 (probably started by Lord Tredegar himself who always prefered fantasy to reality) that before facing his court-martial during the Second World War, Lord Tredegar was guarded in the 'Tower of London' by "his old friend Dickie Buckle!"

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Paul Busby

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  RE: Richard Buckle papers (Lord Tredegar) Brendan McCarthymoderator 10-05-02 1

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Brendan McCarthymoderator

10-05-02, 10:37 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Richard Buckle papers (Lord Tredegar)"
In response to message #0
   David Dougill, dance critic of the Sunday Times, is one likely source of information. He gave the eulogy at the memorial service in March and helped to research Richard Buckle's books on Diaghilev and Nijinsky.

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