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Subject: "Monica Zamora in Australia" Archived thread - Read only
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06-05-02, 12:02 PM (GMT)
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"Monica Zamora in Australia"
   Even though this is a review of an Australia Ballet Gala, I thought you might find it interesting because it starred one of the Birmingham Royal Ballet's Principal Artists. Monica Zamora appeared in two pieces during the Beyond 40 Gala. The first was in the 4th act Pas de Deux from Anne Wooliams Swan Lake. Partnered by Steven Heatcote, Zamora quickly made a connection with the Brisbane crowd. In short she was breathtaking, her line was stunning and her interpretatin sublime, and she was the main topic of conversation during interval. Her second performance was in Stephen Baynes' At The Edge Of Night, as a woman haughted by the memory of the man she loved, in a pas de deux when he comes to visit her one more time through her memory. Having seen Lisa Bolte perform this role (it had been created for her), I can honestly say that while Lisa's was lovely, Monica's interpretation was so much more moving. In the moment where she returns to her chair in the corner, I felt so sorry for her character, and the audience were obviously affected, as there was a definite pause before the applause as if we hoped that the dance had not yet finished. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to see this ballerina, and I am certain she will attain great things.
Conversely, The Australian Ballet Principal Lucinda Dunn will be performing with the Birmingham Royal Ballet in September/October this year, and I urge any of you who may have the opportunity to see her to take advantage of this. She is a yound dancer, and many seem to only focus on her technical abilities, but she has enormous potential for growth in the great classical roles. Hopefully she will be performing in something Suite en Blancish, as these are the roles I think she currently excels the most in.
As for the rest of the gala, it was a very enjoyable evening with charming performances from Beyond Twelve, The Nutcracker, Deep End and Check Mate (Sarah Peace was fantastic as the Black Queen).

Take care everyone!

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