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Subject: "Lyn Opera Ballet, Zellerbach Hall, U.C., Berkeley, May 5 All..." Archived thread - Read only
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Renee Renouf Hall

06-05-02, 07:43 AM (GMT)
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"Lyn Opera Ballet, Zellerbach Hall, U.C., Berkeley, May 5 All Ravel Program"
   Having seen Maguy Marin's Cendrillon on the company's last tour, and being a little fagged, I chose to see only Lyon Opera Ballet's All-Ravel Program. This comprised Kiri Kylian's
Un Ballo, originally created in 1991 for Nederlans Dans Teater;
Tero Saarinen's Gaspard , created for the company in 1999; and Meryl Tankard's interpretation of Bolero premiered in 1998 by the company.

Such a company! Medium height, lean without looking spindly, and with an individuality subordinated to the work, with an utterly marvelous strength, classical and modern.

Three pas de deux commence Kylian's work for dancers in black, the women with fluid skirts which cover, mask or serve as shrouds for
the wearer and the partner. Kylian's moves echo and emphasize the music, with the arms either carried in rounded positions,
or hands performing special signals while the feet give an equal counterpart. The women are carried aloft, are spin on the floor,
use the edge of their skirts to peak over or to cover someone who
appears to be deceased. Just as one figures out an image as symbolic of x or y the movement seques into a or suggests l, m.n., and o.

The sole stage embellishment was a row of lights which seemed to be vertical, but over the passage of the ballet gradually moved to reveal themselves as being suspended on scenery rods which were suspended successively up stage. Candles, perhaps for Couperin or grave markers? Hard to tell, but a singularly haunting work.

Part II "Gaspard" and "Bolero" to be completed.

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