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Subject: "seeking choreographer/dancers" Archived thread - Read only
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01-05-02, 02:22 PM (GMT)
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"seeking choreographer/dancers"
I am seeking a choreographer and dancers for a small
project which may develop into greater things.
I would ask you to contact me at my email address if you are
interested. np012b2769@blueyonder.co.uk
I know it is odd but blueyonder cant seem to change it to
something a bit more friendly.

I am acting on behalf of a benefactor and am quite unfamiliar to ballet myself. We are seeking three dancers, perhaps two, one of which should also be a choreographer.

My client asked that people at the beginning of their career apply and not pros seeking to earn some fast money.

As I have said if early experiments are successful there may be a positive future to this venture.

I look forward to recieving your mails.

Sid George.

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