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Subject: ""The Confession"tour by Tetsuya Kumakawa (1)" Archived thread - Read only
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Satoko K

30-04-02, 08:39 AM (GMT)
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""The Confession"tour by Tetsuya Kumakawa (1)"
   "The Confession" by Tetsuya Kumakawa

This tour was performed from 13rd March to 24th April in Japan,
to celebrate his 15th anniversary of dancing.

the programes were...

act1 "Bolero" dancer:Tetsuya Kumakawa
ballet by Roland Petit music:Maurice Ravel
rehearsed by:Ruiji Bonino
lighting:Mitsuhisa Koga/Naoya Tachikawa

act2 "Side-Show" dancer:Stuart Cassidy& Megumi Yoshida
or Yukako Sakakibara
choreography:Sir.Kenneth MacMialln
music:Igory Stravinsky
costume design:Thomas O'Neil
r'ep'etiteur:Monica Parker

"Kingdom of the Shades from La Bayadere"
dancer:Yoshio Hohmura & Kayo Nagata
(Jyu Horiuchi & Kayo Nagata)
*Unfortunately Matthew Dibble couldn't
dance because of an injury of his left
leg. I hope his injury isn't heavy.
(I heared "getting better"on March)

other dancer:Yukako Sakakibara,Mikako Tokui,
Yuko Suzuki,Mayumi Kondo,Maya Sato
choreograpy:Marius Petipa
music:Leon Minkus
costume design:Natsuko Hayashi
rehearsaed by:Tetsuya Kumakawa

"Wolfgang"(Mr.Kumakawa's New ballet)
dancer:Stuart Cassidy (=Salieri)
*Simon Rice (=Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Satoko Ishikawa (=a maid)
coreography/designs:Tetsuya Kumakawa
music:Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
from "Symphony No.29 in A Major"

act3 "Le jenue Homme et la Molt"
dancer:Tetsuya Kumakawa
*Fanny Gaida (from 13rd March to 9th April,
Kanagawa,Koriyama,Tokyo,Miyazaki,Fukuoka and Kumamoto)
*Natalia Ledovskaya(from 14th April to 24th April,
ballet by:Roland Petit
scenario:Jean Cocteau
music:Johann Sebastian Bach
"Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor"
(orch.Ottorino Respigi)
set design:George Wakh'evitch
reheased by:Luiji Bonino
lighting:Jean-Michael D'esir'e
costume design:Karinska
costume executive: Phillippe Binot

conducter: Paul Stobart (all stages)

"Bolero" was coreographed by Roland Petit for Mr.Kumakawa
and this was the 4th time to be performed. Premiere stage was
September 1999,2nd time was December 1999,3rd time was from
August to September 2000. This time,the Coreograpy was very
changed from the every performance of the past.
The premiere day's stage,you can see on the video now on sale
and on that stage, a chair and a hat and a smoke these were used
as refined,chic,stylish essences of the Ballet.
And on the squere stage,Mr.Kuamakawa danced alone with a high
passion of wildness wearing black pants and white sleeveless
undershirt,and I had felt "the time" was cut into just
"the time of stage" we could have shared,seen,and felt.
Lightened blue lights,I felt,as if he was a bule fire burnning
on the stage!!

But this time I could feel a lot of images not only because of
the many chages of choreographies but his dance itself
certainly changed deeply on the every stage,little by little
but conitiued to chage.The big different point from the first
stage was no chair on the stage,there was only a squere stage
and a dancer,so I felt as if it was a boxing link,or there was
very unlimited space because of no use of chair, and if there
was a chair I imagined a room...something.

In Tokyo,the first half of the tour,I could see just a person
himself,you know, Mr.Kumakawa's existence as a ballet dancer
and a human being itself directly coming to me like a Samurai
to journey walkig a desert in this modern periond, and
"the time" itself cutting by him.
He danced exactly passionate and correct through the time
it could never come back,only continue to go now on to the

In Nagoya,Kobe,middle and another half of the tour near
the last,I could see a very elegant and pure image from the
stage,it was seen the same stage but every stages different,
of course you know,and this piece "Borelo" was sprung out more
a lot of images. On the turn of the tour he cut his mustaches,
and it also seemed one of difference but no less than from
the stage itself the changes were seen and felt more and more
politely,there were beautifull movements of arms, toes,legs,
knees and his fingertips!!!

The movements were really fantastic and fluently that was true
and more,"the stop motions" were also very important of this
piece... and he did those stop motions and figures(poses)
on the very correctly position too!!! Though he danced alone on
the stage through the 15minutes and fighted himself, but there
were also filled with a piece, a subline atomosphere and I
felt as if an angel was flying to dance.

The second big chage was the last!!
On the video,he raised his arms to the top and saw the top,
putting his knees on the stage,but this time he fell down
to the stage...!!!

And the ending of this time,I felt,as if it should be
continued to the act3 "le jenue Homme et la Molt" as some
links of images...!!

*I'd like to continue to write act2 and act3 sincerely as
possible as I can this time,and I'm very sorry I couldn't
continue to write "Giselle" Tour report before becase of
my health issue.

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