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Subject: "Dancers and computers" Archived thread - Read only
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Jonathan S

21-04-02, 12:58 PM (GMT)
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"Dancers and computers"
   I'm writing an article about dancers and computers, part of which includes some profiles of dancers who use IT. This is not about the cutting edge technology which some choreographers are using in the choreographic process, or in multimedia productions - it's about how people whose lives appear superficially far removed from IT and computers, but who nevertheless are competent users of IT, and perhaps use computers for unexpected and interesting purposes.

If you are a working dancer, and you use a computer, I'd be delighted if you'd send me a response (bullet points are fine) to the following questions:

1. Your kit (i.e. simple list of what you've got - list everything - digital
cameras, PDA's, soundcards, specs etc.)
2. Programmes you use regularly, and what for
3. Favourite piece of equipment, and why
4. Favourite programme, and why
5. To what extent does techology inform your work, or affected/influenced
your life as a dancer - i.e. what differences has it made to you?
6. How important do you think it is for a dancer to know anything about
7. What, if anything, have you produced using technology?

Please don't respond in this forum, but directly to my email (use the icon above this posting)

I'm working to a very tight deadlne, so as soon as you can, if you're interested!

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