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Subject: "A tottering edifice. What happens to an Úpaulement-free zon..." Archived thread - Read only
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katharine kanter

18-04-02, 11:57 AM (GMT)
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"A tottering edifice. What happens to an Úpaulement-free zone with age ? "
   Some years ago, attending a performance by a world-class company that shall remain anonymous here, I overheard a pair of well-known teachers next to me discussing, oddly enough, Úpaulement. One of them said: well of course they can do it, now, but in ten years ? Dancing without Úpaulement is a meta-stable system, which is sure to break down at some point."

Over the past year, two world-famous dancers at the POB, both a a few years from retirement, and renowned as little as four years ago for their formidable abilities, have undergone what appears to be a near-breakdown in technique. I do not wish to mention names, in order to avoid this becoming acrimonious, the more so, as they are both artists for whom I have the greatest admiration, but I observed precisely the same thing in Elisabeth Platel, shortly before her retirement two years ago.

I would like to leave completely out of account, for the purpose of the discussion, their undoubted charisma and artistic talents, their musicality, and so forth, and I would also like to leave out of account, for the moment, the fact that they have been dancing leading roles for over twenty years now, with the consequent fatigue, in order to focus on one problem.

The central technical flaw of all three of those dancers, is that they are an Úpaulement-free zone.

I believe that this frightening stiffness in the upper body, ricocheting throughout the entire body, has finally "bitten back".

I would be very grateful to hear the views of other people posting on this board, possessed of technical expertise.

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