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Subject: "STOMP!" Archived thread - Read only
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Rym Kechacha

10-04-02, 07:37 PM (GMT)
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   Has anyone seen the show STOMP at Sadlers Wells this April? If you haven't then the show is baisically not really dance but a knd of mixture of percussion and movement. They focus on rhythm, not melodies and they use brooms, dustbins, newspapers, and even those sink plungers! They also use a lot of stamping, clapping and slapping their thighs and things like that. They have this thing where throughout the show you have to copy the hand sounds that they do. This really gets you involved and at the end you can't stop clapping, and trying out all the complicated combinations, even though it goes hopelessly wrong for you but not for they performers on the stage!It is a great show and if you can, go and see it.

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