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Subject: "No more balloons! Dance is part of BBC1's New Look!" Archived thread - Read only
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Brendan McCarthymoderator

26-03-02, 04:24 PM (GMT)
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"No more balloons! Dance is part of BBC1's New Look!"
   LAST EDITED ON 26-03-02 AT 04:32 PM (GMT)

BBC ONE today (Tuesday 26 March) unveiled a new, energetic and vibrant on-screen look which puts it firmly in step with contemporary life.

The new channel idents explore the universal theme of rhythm, dance and movement through different activities, moods and world cultures. From the power and grace of a Brazilian dance to the raw energy of a festival, from the high elegance of ballet to the speed and agility of basketball players, the idents bring a new feel to BBC ONE.

Shot on location around the UK, the films capture stunning urban and rural backdrops and subtly use red, the channelís vibrant colour identity, to match a new on screen logo. The films will also have a common musical theme, but each individual ident will have its own arrangement of the theme to reflect the specific idents.

Lorraine Heggessey, Controller of BBC ONE, said: "We aim to capture the essence of the new spirit that is alive on BBC ONE, and reflect it in the new channelís new identity. Whatever your age, wherever you live and whoever you are, rhythm and movement are common to everyone. BBC ONE should have that same universal appeal."

The new idents will replace the image of the BBC ONE balloon. Lorraine Heggessey said: "I have shared viewersí enjoyment of the graceful progress of the balloon over British landmarks for the last five years, but itís time to move on and bring a fresh feel to the channel."

The channel will initially launch with eight new idents, and a further series will be produced later this spring. Introduced for the first time, on the bottom-left of the screen, is the new red and white BBC ONE logo.

The idents will launch on-air on the morning of 29 March 2002.

From launch date viewers will be able to see the following executions:

Capoeira - A Brazilian dance, it is a unique movement bringing together beauty, power, mental and physical balance, self-defence, music and art. The camera circles around two Capoeira performers enhancing the sense of rhythm and movement. Dressed in red and white, the performers demonstrate various Capoeira moves on a rooftop against a dramatic London backdrop.

Haka - The Haka, a traditional Maori dance, taking the form of art and movement using hands, feet, legs, body, voice, tongue and eyes. The ident begins focused close up on the face of Maori, Jo Hutley. The camera draws back revealing 14 more rugby players performing the haka and dressed in red and black striped rugby shirts. The ident was filmed on location in Gilfach Goch, Wales.

Festival - Festival begins close-up on two young women. The camera pulls back to reveal the two women dancing and jumping amongst a crowd at a music festival. The ident was filmed at night in Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire.

Salsa - Filmed in Sarratt, Hertfordshire and against a backdrop decorated in red, the camera focuses on a couple dancing salsa. The camera pulls away to reveal a large group of dancing couples enjoying the fluidity of the salsa rhythm and movement.

Ballet - Filmed at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall, the ident features 10 ballerinas dressed entirely in red. The camera moves acround the Minack stage where the ballerinas perform a graceful dance, revealing the dramatic Cornish coastline.

Hip Hop - The camera starts close in on Ade (Adepitan), our lead dancer, and pulls back to reveal three basketball players dancing in their wheelchairs to a hip-hop theme on a stunning basketball court. The ident was filmed at Shepperton Studios, Middlesex.

Tapdogs - In a giant industrial setting, six dancers tap dance on and around metal ladders. The ident was shot at Littlebrook Power Station near Dartford, Kent.

Acrobats - One acrobat dressed in white, suspended from the ceiling and wrapped in a red sash, tumbles into the camera. The camera pulls back to reveal three acrobats performing on sashes against the spectacular roof of the Royal Horticultural Halls in Victoria.

Jane Scott, Controller of TV Marketing, says: "Idents are a crucially important part of any channelís make up, and these films are contemporary and immediate, beautiful and energetic and will hopefully make viewers feel that the channel is much more in tune with their lives.

"Lambie-Nairn have brilliantly captured the essence of BBC ONE, the idents reflect the modernity and progression of the channel, while continuing to demonstrate that the channel is recognisable, familiar and has broad appeal."

The new identities have been created by the award-winning brand identity expert Martin Lambie-Nairn and his team, working closely with Jane Scott and BBC Broadcast. The music composed by Peter Lawler; directed by Andy Margetson; produced by Matthew Kitchin of 2am Films. They will replace the current idents, also designed by Lambie-Nairn, which were introduced five years ago in 1997.

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  RE: No more balloons! Dance is part of BBC1's New Look! Jonathan S 27-03-02 1

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Jonathan S

27-03-02, 08:07 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: No more balloons! Dance is part of BBC1's New Look!"
In response to message #0
   "We aim to capture
>the essence of the new
>spirit that is alive on
>BBC ONE, and reflect it
>in the new channelís new
>identity. Whatever your age, wherever
>you live and whoever you
>are, rhythm and movement are
>common to everyone. BBC ONE
>should have that same universal

Pure 1984. I read that first picture as "You are faceless, uniform, and powerless". I look forward to a season of Leni Riefenstahl films.

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