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Subject: "Deborah Bull Dancing Away" Archived thread - Read only
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21-09-99, 01:55 PM (GMT)
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"Deborah Bull Dancing Away"
   I read the paper backed version whilst on holiday.
It covered the first year of the House's closure in detail, and this section was a reprint of the hard back copy. It was an interesting read, with information on a dancer's life at the top of a company, facing injury and jetting of to see join the Rolling Stones tour in the Americas.

The second smaller section covered the next few months upto December 1998. It was less detailed, but gave some insights into the Summer Dance season on BBC2 a few weeks ago. I wish I had read it before seeing the season.

If you have not read the hardback well worth buying, if you have read it then, the new matterial will expensive. I suggest trying a library or sharing a copy with a friend rather than buying a second copy for the comparatively small amount of new matterial included.

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