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Subject: "Irek waylaid outside the gents..." Archived thread - Read only
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Paul A

18-01-02, 11:04 AM (GMT)
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"Irek waylaid outside the gents..."
   ... not by me but by an autograph hunter at the Coli on Weds night. Did overhear him answer that no he does not really have any projects on the go.

Also in view in the audience/ FOH were Matz Skoog, Mark Baldwin and Chistopher Hampson.

Wanted to add my thoughts to the currently disappeared thread on the ENB triple bill started by Philip B.

Good trio of muses in Apollo - quite steely but could do with an extra edge.

Double Concerto good - a contemporary Symphony in C or Scenes de ballet?? Could do with a bit of paring down - the set was an unnecesary distraction and the lead lady's shiny top unflattering.

Will be interesting to see how long this will last - but I do think Graham Lustig's response to the same music for SWRB in 1987, Paramour, was more interesting - amourous liaisons in a Parisian salon. The ladies, Marion Tait and Galina Samsova ended up together.

Who Cares? flabby and agree needs a better set. To echo the ballerina quality posting on another thread - hard to define the extra nuance/ quality but in terms of star quality Edur and Oaks had it aplenty in this.

Not your regular dance audience - so the more obviously popular pieces were received best.

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