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Subject: "Links: Friday 18th. January 2002" Archived thread - Read only
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Brendan McCarthymoderator

18-01-02, 08:33 AM (GMT)
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"Links: Friday 18th. January 2002"
   Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times on the glories of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the New York Public Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, "one of the city's great cultural treasure troves".

Anna Kisselgoff of the NY Times on the city's annual "Dance for the Camera" festival. She singles out for attention "Dancer," a portrait of Nikolaj Hübbe, the Danish dancer who has been a principal with the New York City Ballet since 1992.

An Irish Times critic is puzzled by the continued success of Riverdance. "This is an ensemble piece, of course, inherently bigger than any individual and, unlike its coat-tailing imitators, seemingly impregnable. But with nothing to engage the mind, it wanders. Can I be alone in forming this view?"

Twyla Tharp talks to the St Petersburg Times (Florida). "Beethoven, at points, can get as amazingly graced, shall we say, as Mozart, but he works hard to do it, and you feel him working hard to do it, and he wants you to feel him working hard. Mozart never wanted that effort, ever, to register in his work. I think the dignity and the bravery of his lack of indulgence is something that is an ongoing beacon, certainly for me, in these times."

The Detroit Free Press reports problems with the Yuri Grigorovich company's tour of the United States. "There were elements of the productions that were shockingly amateurish. And, in one case, stunningly tasteless. Both ballets were performed to recorded music. But apparently Grigorovich wasn't pleased with the orchestra's tempos. So more than a dozen times during each of the ballets, the music suddenly slowed down or sped up, an effect so jarring that it would stand out even during a recital at a neighborhood dance school".

The Chicago Sun-Times on Yuri Grigorovich. It prays in aid Maya Plisetskaya. "In my lifetime I have often seen what a trial life creates by handing a person Power. Only a very few pass the test. I will capitalize Power. How it transforms, disfigures and ruins people. How it plunges them into the swampy morass of grudges and vengefulness, how gladly they listen to flunkies. The love of Power dries up the creator, taking away drop by drop the talent for creation, makes the person petty. That's what happened to Grigorovich."

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18-01-02, 12:02 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Links: Friday 18th. January 2002"
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   LAST EDITED ON 18-01-02 AT 12:05 PM (GMT)

From the BBC, 'Blind Ballerinas from Brazil'. Really a great story!

Fernanda Bianchini's parents regularly showed their support at a Sao Paulo institute for the blind's charity fundraisers. But when asked by a patron if blind people could be taught to dance, Bianchini was unsure.
Seeking advice from her father, the young dance instructor was inspired by his words and immediately began to teach blind would-be ballerinas.


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18-01-02, 02:32 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Links: Friday 18th. January 2002"
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