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Subject: "Ballet Competitions" Archived thread - Read only
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David M

01-01-02, 12:40 PM (GMT)
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"Ballet Competitions"
   Hello to You All,

I was wondering if any one could helf me and give myself some information re the various ballet competitions that are held around the world.

I have accessed the various web pages of the competions , but I would like more general information

Obviously i am aware of the mosy famous ones held in Lausanne, Jacksonville, Varna etc, but can someone fill me in on the following general points.

Who is eledgiblae to enter, must a person be a member of a ballet company,

Which competion is the most prestigeious to win,

Does winning / being placed in any competion enhance your chances of being picked for a company. Do the various companies have scouts out looking for potential starts of the future to join their company.

I have read that a few of the Royal Ballet company have at as stage won the Prix de Lausanne , Bull , Yoshida , and Cojacoru, but since Errol Pickford and Viviana Durante won the Erik Brauhn competition some years back , i have not read of of any recent winners of any competitions(excuse me if i am mistaken). Are members of the company encouraged to participate in such events or is it frowned upon???.

Any information would be gratly appreciated.

Happy New Year to you all.


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  RE: Ballet Competitions pmeja 01-01-02 1

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01-01-02, 03:49 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Ballet Competitions"
In response to message #0
   LAST EDITED ON 01-01-02 AT 03:50 PM (GMT)

david, you've asked a lot of questions! but as a matter of general advice (and speaking from the american, not british, side of things):

attitudes about competitions seem to differ from place to place or even person to person. i rather enjoy them to some extent. i feel that they serve not so much to show who is the best dancer, as there are very beautiful dancers who are not at their best in a competition atmosphere and therefore might not do well, but rather as a venue for some very good dancers to be seen by a larger number of potential employers than possible any other way. although it might be tempting to assume that only flashy dancers, (i.e. those who can do big tricks or whip off multiple everythings) win competitions, it isn't always true, and you might be surprised when reviewing lists of winners to see who wins a big medal and who doesn't. artistry does indeed get rewarded as well. but the medal does not guarantee anything, and the dancer who wins one has to work hard just the same afterward to succeed. sometimes they are good in that they make you work very hard to refine a particular goal and level of stagecraft. there are companies even in the us that frown on allowing their dancers to attend competitions. i don't recall any royal ballet dancers attending ibc-sponsored events (the "big four" of jackson, varna, moscow and helsinki), so that may indicate that the royal ballet does not approve of them. but in general, new york city ballet dancers don't go either.
prestige is relative. i suspect it depends on what you're looking for. but they can be enjoyable, depending on your expectations. and certainly if you work hard for a concentrated period of time, just as you would for an examination, you're bound to improve. hope this is helpful in some way.

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